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Leaving Ottawa now and coming home.

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neonpeppers: How many tattoos do yoy have?

Uhhhh 7 in total

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seems like you’re already moved on and fucking some dude. good for you. 

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talk to me. 

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Aleksandra Wydrych

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Scott Scharinger of Dads
6131 Showcase
SXSW 2014
Credit: Catherine Varela
Gregory Connors - Rubber Lungs (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)



Who It Is: Gregory Connors – Rubber Lungs; Self-Released (2014)

What It Sounds Like: a poet getting into a violent argument with no one, save himself


The pieces of Gregory Connors are generally not songs, because generally, Gregory Connors…

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I know Dangernips in person now. Be jealous. We are friends now.

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